• Thanks to our experience and know-how we were able to select the best tannins (similar to the ones inborn in wine) from skin and seed, compatible with the wine phenolic backgroung.
    Our R&D is always engaged in the selection of the best raw materials that, pure or formulated, after strict check and guaranteed and certificated quality controls, become part of the Htan® Tannins.
    Particular attention is focused to identify their attitude to specific technological applications, for the entire enological process phases.
    [table] Htan®|Natura|Tipologia Botanica|Tostatura|Scheda tecnica|Scheda di sicurezza;; Ceylon Green|proantocianidinico + gallotannino|Camellia sinensis, Quercus infectoria||| ;; Exotic|ellagico + proantocianidinico|Quercus petrea, Camellia sinensis, Vitis vinifera||| ;; Chêne Pur|ellagico|Quercus petrea|fuocofuoco|| ;; Cor|ellagico|Quercus petrea|||;; Classic|ellagico|Quercus petrea|fuocofuocofuoco||;; Prestige|ellagico|Quercus alba|fuocofuocofuocofuoco||;; Harmonyum|ellagico|Quercus alba|fuocofuocofuocofuocofuocofuoco||;; Intence|ellagico|Quercus petrea|fuocofuocofuocofuocofuoco||;; Suprème|ellagico|Quercus petrea, Quercus alba|fuocofuocofuocofuoco||;; Barrique|ellagico|Quercus petrea, Quercus alba|fuocofuocofuocofuoco||;; Prince|ellagico|Quercus alba|fuocofuocofuocofuoco||;; Elegance|ellagico|Quercus petrea|fuocofuocofuoco||;; [/table]
    [table] Htan®|Natura|Tipologia Botanica|Tostatura|Scheda tecnica|Scheda di sicurezza;; Tradition|ellagico|Castanea sativa|||;; Tradition Doux|ellagico|Castanea sativa|||;; RV Super|ellagico + proantocianidinico|Castanea sativa, Quebrachia lorentzii, Quercus petrea|||;; RV Super Plus|||||;; Que Stab|proantocianidinico|Quebrachia lorentzii Griseb|||;; Gal Blanc|gallotannino|Quercus infectoria|||;; Grape|proantocianidinico|Vitis vinifera|||;; Natura|proantocianidinico|Vitis vinifera|||;; Pipen|proantocianidinico|Vitis vinifera|||;; Integrale|proantocianidinico|Vitis vinifera|||;; TanFruit Arom W|proantocianidinico|Vitis vinifera|||;; TanFruit Arom R|proantocianidinico|Vitis vinifera|||;; [/table]
  • Addressed to the wines “Profilage” (technique that allows the wine to reach and maintain its own colloidal balance through the use organic molecules that already belongs to the wine), these tannins and yeast derivates are natural products selected for their specific actions.
    |Natura|Tipologia Botanica|Tostatura|Scheda tecnica;;
    Profil Oak|ellagico|Quercus petrea||;;
    Profil’Seed Polymer|proanticianidinico|Vitis vinifera||;;
    Profil’Seed Oligomer|proanticianidinico|Vitis vinifera||;;