• Uva Applicazione Forma Scheda tecnica
    Safizym Pres uvabianca Pressatura,estrazione granulare
    Safizym Clar Plus uvabianca Chiarifica granulare
    Safizym Clean uvabiancauvarossa Pressatura, estrazione, macerazione, chiarifica granulare
    Safizym Col Plus uvarossa Macerazione granulare

  • With a thirty-year experience in the application of enzyme preparations in different productive activities, HTS enologia proposes Hzym®, its own enzyme selection.
    The enzymes, proteins with biological activity, that are naturally present in grapes and in oenological microrganisms, are not often able to complete their catalyst function due to variable external factors. This way, the use of exogenous enzymes becomes fundamental to ease the different oenological processes.
    Pressing, aromatic precursors and color extraction, depectinization, clarification, filtering, aroma revelation, fining are all oenological processes that Hzym® Enzymes, being catalyst of high precision and purity, are able to guarantee, respecting the qualitative integrity of grapes and wine.
    Hzym® Uva Applicazione Forma Scheda tecnica
    Extractive FCE G uvabianca Pressatura,estrazione granulare
    Clarification FCE G uvabianca Chiarifica granulare
    Color G uvarossa Macerazione granulare
    Color L uvarossa Macerazione liquida
    Color Ultra L uvarossa Macerazione liquida
    Thermo Red uvarossarossobid chiarifica, estrazione liquida
    Clarification L bid2 Chiarifica liquida
    Clarification Ultra L bid2 Chiarifica liquida
    Flott “ONE” bid2 flottazione liquida
    Flotation L bid2 flottazione liquida
    Flotation Ultra L bid2 flottazione liquida
    Clar Flot N2 bid2 flottazione liquida
    Arom G HTS affinamento, liberazione degli aromi granulare
    Beta Lise bid2bid3bidbotte affinamento “sur lies” granulare
    Liso uvabiancauvarossabid2bid3bidbotte inattivazione batteri gram + granulare
    Arom Thiol uvabianca Enzima pectolitico ad attività secondaria Carbossipeptidasi per la liberazione degli aromi tiolici granulare