HTS enologia introduces to the wine producers BIONICA®, the innovative equipment that can monitor the fermentation process, managing automatically the dosing in line of the yeasts nutrients and oxygen, in the quantity and time really useful and necessary for a regular yeast metabolic process and fermentation, following our 3Q model (Quale/Which, Quanto/How much, Quando/When).
BIONICA® fits any tank in the cellars, including sparkling autoclaves.
BIONICA® can be installed with versatility and easiness,
from small tanks with low capacity to huge and capacious tanks present in the big winemaking cellars, both for the fermentation of musts from white grapes and for the winemaking with red grapes maceration
BIONICA® is also available in the special version SPARK, that can be installed in any autoclave, both vertical and horizontal shaped.

BIONICA® is supported by ADCF by Parsec, that acts, in real time, the dynamic control of the fermentation performance.
BIONICA® is the irreplaceable assistant that manages independently the fermentation process of each tank or autoclave in the cellar. The technician can simultaneously receive detailed reports from the remote device
concerning the ongoing fermentation process; he can eventually modify or reprogram the setting of the activities that BIONICA® will perform with precision and safety.

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