• VitiFerm™ BIO
    Pure active dry yeasts: aromas enhancing for natural wines.
    VitiFerm™ BIO active dry yeasts are the first yeast strains in the world that have been carefully selected from a biodynamic habitat and are produced following a new procedure for organic production. They have been selected due to their special physiological abilities to enhance the varietal and terroir specific characteristics of the grapes, and offer a unique combination of high fermentation security and natural flavourings diversity. VitiFerm™ BIO yeasts are being produced 100% organically from the selection process to the production plant. The yeasts fully comply with the current EC regulations no. 834/2007 and 889/2008 and hence also follow current USDA standards. They are absolutely free from emulsifiers and stabilizers. All three strains therefore ideally fulfill the production requirements of premium wines as well as certified organic wines from conventional production. [table] |Tipologia di vino|Tolleranza all'alcol (%v/v)|Cinetica|Range temp. °C|Fabbisogno nutrizionale|Produzione di glicerolo|Espressione sensoriale|Scheda tecnica;; VitiFerm™ Alba Fria BIO|HTSrosa |15|regolare|14-18°C|alto|media|floreale fruttato|;; VitiFerm™ Pinot Alba BIO|HTS|15|regolare|14-18°C|medio|medio alta|fruttato|;; VitiFerm™ Rubino Extra|rosso|16|media veloce|14-32°C|medio|medio alta|fruttato|;; VitiFerm™ Sauvage BIO|HTSrosso|15%|Moderata|18-20°C|basso|Medio|Carattere del terroir|;; VitiFerm™ Esprit BIO||15%|Moderata|16-18°C|Basso|Bassissimo|varietale e fruttato|;; [/table]
    the 4-in-1 solution for an optimal fermentation
    FermControl™  is a special nutrition supplement based on organic yeast derivates for the support of the yeast metabolism. Due to its unique composition, FermControl™ provides specific co-factors in order to secure an optimal, reliable and clean fermentation. The effect is a significantly improved sensory impression of the wines without any reductive or other undesired flavour characteristics. Due to its special formulation FermControl™ offers to the yeast everything the cells need for optimal fermentation.
    FermControl™ BIO is compliant with EU regulations (EC) 834/2007 and (EC) 889/2008. [table] |Fattori di sopravvivenza|Fattori di crescita|Azoto O=organico M=minerale|Contenuto in Azoto|Vitamine e minerali|Aromi secondari|Effetto di supporto|Scheda tecnica;; FermControlBIO|+++|+++|O|+++|+++|++|+++|;; [/table]
    FermControl™ Clear Up
    Is a novel, highly purified yeast cell wall preparation.
    Due to its significantly higher content of lipids it has multiple properties which are desirable for modern winemaking. Among those are the adsorption of fermentation inhibiting fatty acids, as well as critical pesticides or even mycotoxins that are often responsible for arrested fermentations. FermControl™ Clear Up can also eliminate a number of sensoric off-flavours such as Bettanomyces and negative Thiol-flavours. FermControl Clear Up is a real allrounder – of course fully compliant with EU regulations (EC) 834/2007 and (EC) 889/2008 [table] Hclar|Cartteristiche|Scheda tecnica;; FermControl™ Clear Up|Scorza di lievito altamente purificata e certificata BIO|;; [/table]
    For an effective flavour management.
    MaloBacti™ / MaxBacti™ MLF starter cultures represent a completely new generation of freeze-dried bacteria of OEnococcus oeni.
    Each MLF strain has its unique properties: [table] |Caratteristiche|Scheda tecnica;; MaloBacti™ CN1:|funzione acido citrico negativa – nessuna degradazione dell’acido citrico.|;; MaloBacti™ HF2: |protezione di aroma e colore.|;; MaloBacti™ AF3: |ceppo estremamente resistente che lavora in modo ottimale in condizioni di elevato grado alcolico e/o fenolico.|;; [/table] Due to their different physiological characteristics an ideal MaloBacti™ MLF starter culture can be used in almost all situations – at high alcohol contents as well as at extreme pH values.
    MLF starter culture can be used in almost all situations – at high alcohol contents as well as at extreme pH values. The new +A3 process offers an increased number of active cells in combination with an unmatched fast activation and optimized adaptation of the bacteria for inoculation in must of wine. For the winemaker this means a significant application safety along with highest flexibility in using MLF starter cultures.
    MLF bacteria have specific nutritional requirements that are different from that of yeast. MaloControl™ BIO provides a balanced combination of supplements, nutrition compounds and co-factors for the MLF that compensate for natural deficits in the grapes. It enables the bacteria to have an optimal metabolism and improves the malolactic activity of the bacteria.
    In addition to that we have added an organic absorber to bind inhibitory substances in the wine. This unique combination significantly enhances the successful MLF in all wines. [table] |Caratteristiche|Scheda tecnica;; MaloControl™ BIO|Speciale integratore nutrizionale per il supporto del metabolismo dei batteri della FML| ;; [/table]