• For an effective flavour management
    MaloBacti™/MaxBactiTM MLF starter cultures represent a completely new generation of freeze-dried bacteria of OEnococcus oeni. Each MLF strain has its unique properties: [table] |Caratteristiche|Scheda tecnica;; MaloBacti™ CN1:| Citric acid negative functionality – no degradation of citric acid. |;; MaloBacti™ HF2: | Flavour and colour protective.|;; MaloBacti™ AF3: | Extremely robust strain that works excellently at high alcohol and/or phenolic conditions.|;; [/table] Due to their different physiological characteristics an ideal MaloBacti MLF starter culture can be used in almost all situations – at high alcohol contents as well as at extreme pH values. The cultures are ideally suitable for the various demands of modern wine making and are therefore on their way to becoming the standard for malolactic fermentation. The new +A3 process offers an increased number of active cells in combination with an unmatched fast activation and optimized adaptation of the bacteria for inoculation in must of wine. For the winemaker this means a significant application safety along with highest flexibility in using MLF starter cultures.
    The key to success for difficult MLF
    MLF bacteria have specific nutritional requirements that are different from that of yeast. MaloControlTM BIO provides a balanced combination of supplements, nutrition compounds and co-factors for the MLF that compensate for natural deficits in the grapes. It enables the bacteria to have an optimal metabolism and improves the malolactic activity of the bacteria. In addition to that we have added an organic absorber to bind inhibitory substances in the wine. This unique combination significantly enhances the successful MLF in all wines. [table] |Caratteristiche|Scheda tecnica;; MaloControl™ BIO|nutrienti e co-fattori per la FML per un apporto bilanciato di integratori specifici| ;; [/table]