HTS enologia is a company that has been operating since 1991 within the field of biotechnologies applied to oenology and food transformation industry.

HTS enologia offers a complete and wide range of oenological products and specialties and basic chemical products with its own brand; each product is the result of a detailed selection among the best market offers, following our philosophy “A quality selection for you”.

HTS enologia always sets up important projects for oenology, cooperating with wineries, research institutes and universities. This cooperation allows us to test scientifically the efficiency of our products, creating important winemaking protocols to guide the customers through a smart use of the products.

In order to achieve these results, HTS enologia has established an analysis laboratory and a micro-winemaking sperimental winery that allows us to better support our customers in the attempt of achieving quality goals in a safety way, without losing attention on market needs. The customer is always at the core of our thoughts and cares; dialogue, consultancy and technical assistance are fundamental in order to better understand every customer need and, therefore, to offer personalized solutions.


HTS enologia is the exclusive distributor of some of the greatest leaders in the international market that have trusted our company specific skills, our experience and applicative know-how.

Concerning biotechnologies, since 2005, we have established a great synergy with the french company Lesaffre-Fermentis, for which HTS enologia is the exclusive distributor in Italy for the Fermentis®brand. Lesaffre group has been operating for more than 100 years and currently, thanks to the originality and quality of its producing offer, it represents a benchmark for all the winemakers oriented to the most innovative technologies.
This partnership has allowed us to offer to the Italian market natural, innovative and safe products able to satisfy the needs of our customers and to act in winemaking, exalting high quality wines properties. 

 Easy to Use® (E2U) …the best of technological innovation.
HTS enologia presents the last news in scientific research, carried out in collaboration with Lesaffre®-Fermentis® group, by proposing biotechnological solutions in order to optimize and simplify the cellar work , introducing the “Easy to Use®” (E2U) concept.
The Easy to Use range is composed by an exclusive liquid nutrient Viniliquid®, a very pure yeast protein extract for fining Spring’finer® and 7 exclusive yeast strains that may be used through direct inoculation or cold rehydratation: Safoeno® SC 22 E2U, Safoeno® STG S 101 E2U, Safoeno® CK S 102 E2U, Safoeno® ND A 21 and the new Safoeno® BC S103 E2U , SafŒno™ HD S62 and SafŒno™ HD S135 

Tech in Wine by Demptos – Demptos barrels barriques e wood for enology
Since 2011 HTS enologia distributes exclusively throughout Italy, the oenological products range Tech in Wine by Demptos created by the Centre de Recherche Demptos. The product range Tech in Wine by Demptos is composed by tannins and yeast derivates that may be used for the “profilage” of wine: to characterize, enrich, correct, improve, balance and stabilize it. These products can be used to optimize the phenomena that happen during the different phases or ripening, in order to enhance final wine quality. They are innovative in their composition and modern in their winemaking use: the “profilage” of wines before and after ripening. In 2015, HTS enologia has also signed an exclusive distribution agreement with Tonnellerie Demptos, distributing the prestigious barrels and barriques and the Wood for Enology range. Tonnellerie Demptos has also created, esclusively for HTS enologia, 3 barriques with unique characteristiques, the barriques HTS enologia by Demptos: Eleganza, Struttura e Dolcezza. Once the technician has defined the wood blend ideal for the élevage of his wine, he can ask for a unique barrique, created by selected woods, respecting the proportion desired. 

2B FermControl – The power of nature! cert1cert2cert3
Always attentive to the market needs, since 2010 HTS enologia distributes exclusively the products of 2B FermControl, a company specialized in the development and production of active dry yeasts, yeasts nutrients, yeasts derivates and MLF starter coltures, 100% organic, 100% vegan, 100% vegetarian certified.
The organic wine production has been a niche market in the past. But times have changed and this niche market has grown into a world wide trend with rapidly increasing demands. The global leading wine producers are more and more focusing on organic wine production – not only for ethical reasons but mainly because of the higher quality of the end product. Today organic stands for quality, and no longer for niche market.
2B FermControl exclusively offers products from its own research and development, produced using only EC/USDA organic-certified raw materials without any compromises in functionality or safety in the application.